The goal of each session is to provide training on a specific area of cardiology. Each session contains an expert interview, split in sequences, and a short quiz.You can watch the whole session or select a specific sequence within the session.

  • Diagnostic imaging and tools

Thoracic X-rays - Practical Tips

The goal of this session is to give further practical indications about how to take thoracic X-Rays, which includes a discussion about patient positioning and sedation techniques.

Thoracic X-Ray: Abnormal Features

The goal of this session is to provide illustrations of abnormal radiographic findings in cardiac patients.

Thoracic X-Ray: Normal features

The goal of this session is to show normal thoracic radiographs and physiological differences observed between breeds. To obtain your 30 minute CPD certificate for this module, please complete the quiz at the bottom of the page.

Thoracic X-Ray: How to proceed?

The goal of this session is to provide practical advice and explanations to improve the quality of your radiographic images.

Cardio News

Cardio News